Speaker: Jakob Jenkov, Jenkov A/S
Jakob Jenkov is an independent consultant with 7+ years of experience in Java development.
Most of his experience is in object oriented, distributed systems like web applications, standard client-server systems, stand-alone JMS connected systems and peer-to-peer systems.

Since 2003 Jakob Jenkov has been developing a growing selection of open source tools and API's, developed in Java.

Jakob Jenkov's current focus is peer-to-peer systems and a more structured internet information exchange. He is currently actively involved in the design and development of a peer-to-peer API, and applications that use it.

Seminar: Peer-to-Peer
Level: Intermediate
The session will introduce pure and hybrid peer-to-peer architectures. Peer location, routing and distributed hash table algorithms like Pastry and Chord will be covered as well. The session will also take a closer look at security in peer-to-peer systems. More specifically at topics like authentication, authorization, non-repudiation, and secure/encrypted communication. Finally the session will look at the future potential of peer-to-peer systems beyond file sharing. Ideas include knowledge sharing systems, backup of data, email transport, group ware etc.

The session is programming language independent. The topics covered are equally applicable in C++, C#, Java, VB.NET etc.

Sun Microsystem
Telephone: +46-(0)40-602 3295, email: info@oredev.org