James O. Coplien
Speaker: James O. Coplien, Nordija
James Coplien is a Senior Agile Coach and System Architect at Nordija A/ S in Copenhagen, Denmark. His critically acclaimed book, "Organizational Patterns of Agile Software Development," co-authored with Neil Harrison, has been called "the first documentation that ever existed on true Agile development" by Mike Beedle. Coplien's early publications on Agile software development inspired SCRUM meetings and were the foundation of many XP practices.
He is also a Member Emeritus of the Hillside Group, the group that pioneered Software Patterns, author of several books on software design and C++ programming.
James lives near Helsingør, Denmark, with his wife and son.
KEYNOTE day 2: For those who were Agile before Agile was cool...
A few software people have been Agile long before Agile was cool, and one can find most of the roots of Agile development in Ward Cunningham's company in the late 1980s, in Borland in the early 1990s, and in many other small organizations of the same era. Agile started appearing as a discipline in the early 1990s, reflecting a grass-roots cultural change that swept the industry. That change was crystallized in the Dr.Dobb's article on Borland's QPW development, in the emerging
day-to-day practices of programmers using object techniques, and ultimately in organizational patterns and in more formalized methods such as Crystal Clear, SCRUM, and later XP.
In this keynote I'll describe one man's journey through this history, the aspirations I noted in the hearts and minds of those who shaped Agile development along the way, and my reflections on the degree that Agile development today lives up to those cool aspirations.
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