Jonas Blunck & Kim Gräsman
Speaker: Jonas Blunck/Kim Gräsman, TAC AB
Jonas Blunck is a software manager at TAC, Malmö where he spends his time working with software projects, teams and practices. Lately he has been focusing on implementing test driven development and continuous integration within TAC. Prior to being a software manager, Jonas spent 10 years as a software developer on the Windows platform and is also the author of a couple of popular spelunking tools such as ieHTTPHeaders, ComTrace and more.

Kim Gräsman is a developer and team lead at TAC, Malmö. He takes a strong interest in build and test automation, and is dabbling with agile methodologies. His current interests involve build dependency analysis and management, painless unit testing in C++ and automated testing in general. Kim is one of the founders of the local user group SNUG, and has received the Microsoft MVP award for Visual C++ over the last four years.

Seminar: Practical Continuous Integration
Level: Intermediate
Continuous Integration is ultimately a practice to help a team reduce project risk and feel safe about the state of their code base. In recent years, a number of products have turned up for automating the practice. One of those is CruiseControl.NET, for the .NET platform, which is free, open-source and relatively easy to get running. We have been using CruiseControl.NET for a couple of years, and have found a number of ways of extending it and improving on the experience. In this session, we thought we'd share some of our experiences and ideas for how to make CruiseControl.NET work with custom build tools, unit testing, custom reporting mechanisms, source control systems and on non-Windows platforms.
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