Martin Englund
Speaker: Martin Englund, SUN Microsystem Inc.
Martin Englund is a security engineer in the Java SE security group in California, but doing his work remotely from Österlen.

He splits his time between investigating and analyzing Java SE vulnerabilities reported to Sun and doing proactive security work for Java SE. He is a member of the Java SE OpenSource team, where is is focused on finding a replacement for, TeamWare & SCCS, the current source code management system used by Sun.

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Seminar: Security on the frontline
Level: Intermediate
In this seminar Martin will talk about how to reduce vulnerabilities in your programs by avoiding insecure coding patterns, so called anti- patterns. Six different types of anti-patterns will be shown, along with examples of vulnerable code that existed in previous versions of the JDK.

He will also demonstrate project Jackpot, a NetBeans module which adds the capability to reengineer Java source code on the fly, and a Jackpot transformation class he has written to find (and fix) one of the Anti Patterns discussed earlier.

The first part of this talk was given at JavaOne, so if you missed it there you have a chance to attend it at Øredev.

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