Martin Fowler
Speaker: Martin Fowler
Martin Fowler is the Chief Scientist with ThoughtWorks, Inc., an application development and consulting company serving Global 1000 companies.

Over the last decade Martin Fowler has pioneered many software development techniques in the development of business information systems. He's well known for his work on OO analysis and design, software patterns, Unified Modelling Language, agile software processes (particularly XP) and refactoring. He is a frequent speaker at international software conferences and edits the design column for IEEE Software Magazine. He is the author of the books: UML Distilled; Refactoring; Planning Extreme Programming; Analysis Patterns and Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

Although his primary interest has been in software design, he´s never been able to avoid software process.  As such, he has been interested in approaches that allow methodology to fit people, rather than the other way around.  He is considered one of the leading authorities on Agile Methods, such as Extreme Programming, and is a core representative of the Agile Alliance.

KEYNOTE: Software Design in the Twenty-first Century
In the last decade or so we've seen a number of new ideas added to the mix to help us effectively design our software. Patterns help us capture the solutions and rationale for using them. Refactoring allows us to alter the design of a system after the code is written. The UML gives us a standard notation for drawing software designs. Agile methods, in particular Extreme Programming, give us a highly iterative and evolutionary approach which is particularly well suited to changing requirements and environments. Martin Fowler has been a leader is most of these techniques and will talk about some of these and how they affect our software development.
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