Peter Neubauer, Jayway AB
Peter has been a founding member of OPS4Jexternal link, opens in new window and, together with Niclas Hedhman, been involved in the initial discussion of the OPS (Open Participation Software) community model that is practiced at OPS4J.
Peter has even been founding the Digital Meta Product Library (DPML) , where he even heavily contributed.

Interested in creating products with a sustainable community process and Open Participation especially. Trying to formulate the arguments of why industrial companies (i.e. non-IT companies) should invest money in OSS projects instead of paying consultants, and in the process create a good value proposition and sustainable business model for OSS projects.
Lately, OSGi based component development and system architecture is taking an increasingly central role in Peters engagements and activities. Peters current work focuses on realizing the promise of component based development by applying Agile Development techniques to drive through a comprehensive technology stack based on OSGi external link, opens in new window, Wicket external link, opens in new window, the Eclipse workbench (RSP-UI) and other groundbreaking technologies. To achieve that, he tries to persuade commercial entities to actively finance OSS in order to minimize the in-house code base and thus decrease maintanence, time to market and project costs. This resulted among other activities in initial committership of the RSP-UI proposal external link, opens in new window.

Seminar: Eclipse goes server side
Level: In-depth

Since Eclipse 3.2 the plug-in infrastructure of Eclipse/OSGi can be used as a basis for server-side applications. This promises a new dimension for flexible- modular code reuse and integration of web and business components. This seminar talks about the state of affairs on
> server-side Eclipse. An example demonstrates the transfer of the architectural concepts of Eclipse RCP (Rich Client Platform) to RSP (Rich Server Platform).

Participants obtain an introduction to the concepts and understand the benefits of development with RSP.

Sun Microsystem
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