Rickard Öberg
Speaker: Richard Öberg
Rickard Öberg is popular among Java developers. He has given seminars at all main Java conferences world wide. He worked as an architect at JBoss and wrote a book on RMI. In recent years, he has become famous as an Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) crusader. He has worked with bleeding edge AOP in a portal product that has become a great commercial success
Seminar: RDF and data integration
Level: Intermediate
The next generation of webcentric services rely on the idea of integrating data from several sources and adding value-added services or data on top of this. Whether it is finding the best price of a product or allowing books and movies to be rated by communities, at the heart of these new services there is a need for data integration techniques.

This presentation will explore how RDF can be used as a data model as the foundation of these new services, and will also look at the query language SPARQL that is used to query this model. By combining these with cutting edge visualization techniques one can accomplish quite a lot with reasonable effort.

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