Henrik Lykke Nielsen
Speaker: Henrik Lykke Nielsen, Captator A/S
Henrik Lykke Nielsen has experience from a wide range of software development projects, where he has worked as a developer, project manager, mentor as well as an advisory consultant. Since the year 2000 he has specialized in the Microsoft´s .NET platform, where he among other things works with .NET development, software architecture, component based frameworks, reuse and best practices for software development. Henrik Lykke Nielsenis the co-founder of Captator - a company doing training, consulting and software development on the .NET platform. Henrik is further more Microsoft Regional Director for Denmark - Microsoft´s selected partner in connection with their strategies toward Danish developers.
Seminar: Generic framework development - a practical view
Level: Intermediate
The .NET platform is a large development platform comprising technologies, development tools, server products etc. From the point of view of a developer the .NET framework with its large class library is by far the most important part of the .NET platform. The class library contains for most part only basic technical functionality which does not directly address user and system functionality. It is an extensive starting point, but as a developer you quickly realize that when developing even quite standard applications there is still a lot of pretty generic functionality you must handle yourself.

If the goal is to create well structured applications you should place the generic functionality of your applications in separate, reusable components - preferably components developed as part of a coherent framework. Implementation of frameworks is driven partly by the wish to reuse functionality across applications, and partly by the wish to create clear architectural cuts between generic functionality and concrete application implementation.

This session deals with techniques and best practices for developing generic frameworks. The session will be illustrated by examples from Captator´s generic Eifos-framework.

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