Magnus Mårtensson
Speakers: Henrik Strömberg, Beijer Electronics AB
Henrik Strömberg is employed at Beijer Electronics as a software architect.
He has been working for the last eights years with Micosoft technologies building development tools  for the automation industry both in the legacy technology COM/ActiveX and in the .NET
He also find a great interest in improving the software process.

Richard Houltz, Beijer Electronics AB
Richard Houltz is employed at Beijer Electronics as a senior software architect where he functions as a team leader and program manager.
Since his focus is developer productivity and building good products fast, he has been on the barricades for the Agile Processes for some time now.
Although well decorated from the trenches of COM and ActiveX, he is now fully ported to the .NET platform.
He is always interested in exploring unknown but useful features of frameworks and languages.

Seminar: Dazzling Design-Time features in the .NET runtime.
Level: In-depth
One of the many great features of .NET is its rich design-time architecture that allows controls and components to be built and used inside Visual Studio.

We will demonstrate how this design-time experience can be enhanced and how these features also can be used in your deployed applications.

A lot of the features that many developers believe exists only inside Visual Studio can actually be used within your own applications. This includes Windows Forms designer, property editors, code-generation and compilers.

The .NET design-time framework is based on a simple Service Oriented Architecture. Using this lightweight service oriented approach has proved to be a good way to implement loosely coupled applications.

We will show you many of these features and elaborate on the benefits of mastering the design-time architecture.

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