Jimmy Nilsson
Speaker: Jimmy Nilsson, JNSK AB
Jimmy Nilsson owns and runs the Swedish consulting company JNSKAB. He has written numerous technical articles and two books. He has also been training and speaking at conferences, but above everything else, he is a developer with almost twenty years of experience.
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Seminar: Three Examples of Applied Patterns
Level: Intermediate
When it comes to patterns and presentations, the common theme is to discuss long catalogs of patterns, from top till bottom. In this presentation we will pick three different problem areas and show how patterns can be used for dealing with those problems. The first area is validation and how the State pattern and the Specification pattern can be used. The second example is about factoring out the responsibility of persistence from the Domain Model and how the Repository pattern can help. Finally, the third example is concept-focused querying and again the Specification pattern will be used, but this time in a different way.

Seminar: TDD - That's the way!
Level: Intermediate

TDD isn´t about testing...
...it´s about programming!

Writing simpler, clearer and more robust and more maintainable code!

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