Marcus Widerberg, Dotway AB
Speaker: Marcus Widerberg, Dotway
Marcus works primarily with development on Microsoft platforms and has filled different roles such as developer, architect, and project manager in several industrial settings. For the last couple of years, Marcus has been working exclusively using agile methods as developer, trainer and coach. He is focused on server side development but eats many different kinds of code. Current engagements include agile training and coaching, as well as migrating code to .NET 2.0 with enhanced testability.

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Seminar: Modifying .NET code reliably with test support
Level: In-depth
Almost all developers have heard something about TDD, Test Driven Development, and how great it is for developing software. But how do you create tests first if all you do is work on already existing code?

This session is about how to change existing code in a reliable and robust way, by making that code testable, and then writing the necessary tests. By increasing the testability of existing code, and adding tests, we get confident about changes and boost the codes´ capacity of change.
In practice, this means that we add to the life span of the code and may halt its depreciation. For instance, we can avoid high risk rewrites and move towards new technologies seamlessly.

You will gain insight into a reliable change process, and see practical solutions to common issues of retrofitting existing .NET code with tests. Armed with this knowledge, you may attempt those necessary changes that no one on the team dares to do, and avoid that painful rewrite that your colleagues often advocate.

If all you ever do is write new code from scratch, feel free to skip this talk entirely...

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