Mats Helander, Matssoft AB
Speaker: Mats Helander, Synaptic AB
Mats Helander is one of the developers behind Puzzle.NET, a collection of open source .NET frameworks and tools for AOP, O/R Mapping, Dependency Injection, etc. He also developed Pragmatier Data Tier Builder, a commercial O/R Mapper which was later open sourced. He works with Synaptic AB as a consultant.
Seminar: AOP for .NET Developers
Level: In-depth
Today, Aspect Oriented Programming is a real option for .NET developers who want to address crosscutting concerns of their applications in a structured way. With several open source .NET AOP frameworks to choose from, the time is right to take a look at how AOP can help you in your .NET application development. In this seminar we will discuss the main concepts in AOP and demonstrate examples of how AOP is put to practice in code. We also take a look at some of the innards of an AOP framework to get a good feel for how the "magic" is carried out.
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