Patrik Löwendahl, Cornerstone AB
Speaker: Patrik Löwendahl
Patrik Löwendahl at CornerStone has been working as a consultant and teacher since 1999 and has focused on .Net since 2001. He has written numerous articles both for Swedish and international sites and papers, within VB6 and .Net. In July 2004 he was awarded “Visual C# Most Valuable Professional" by Microsoft for his profound knowledge in C# and .Net. He is now one out two in Sweden with this title.
Seminar: What makes LINQ tick?
Level: Introduction

C# and VB 3.0 comes with some extensive syntax enhancements to support Language Integrated Queries. But what are those syntax enhancements really and how do they work? In this talk, Patrik show you the functionality surrounding LINQ and present examples where to leverage them in other scenarios then the provided LINQ implementation from Microsoft.

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