Erik Dörnenburg
Speaker: Erik Dörnenburg, ThoughtWorks Ltd.
Erik Dörnenburg is a senior developer and technical architect at ThoughtWorks, Inc. where he is helping clients with the design and implementation of large-scale enterprise solutions. Based on his experience with J2EE, Microsoft .NET and other environments, Erik is currently exploring patterns of enterprise software, focusing on SOA. Erik has been an advocate of agile, test-driven, object-oriented development and Open Source software for many years.
Seminar: 10 bottom reasons why agile teams fail
Level: Intermediate
Agile methodologies such as eXtreme Programming and SCRUM are hot topics today -- and they are also hot targets. When things go wrong on an agile project, it's far too convenient to blame the methodology.
It's often the case that the methodology is blamed, instead of the people charged with implementing it correctly. In this talk Erik will discuss the most common reasons a team may fail when trying to execute a project using an agile methodology. He will cover how to learn from the mistakes of others, and avoid repeating new mistakes of your own.


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