Peter Tallungs
Speaker: Peter Tallungs, Kentor AB
Peter Tallungsis an Enterprise Architect Consultant at Kentor and writes a regular column in Computer Sweden. Peter, has a background as developer, and currently helps companies how to manage its enterprise-wide information resources. Peters special field of interest is how to manage the meta-information i.e. the shared knowledge of the information.
Seminar: Come to grips with the information!
Level: Intermediate
If you are going to develop a system that manages information it is necessary to describe this information.
The description must be shared and understood by all stakeholders. The importance of the information model grows when projects with more and diverse stakeholders, like integration or business intelligence projects, get commonplace.Peter Tallungstalks about the need for more communicative information modelling approaches and his experiences in developing work methods and description technics for this matter.


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