Speaker: Tobias Fors, Citerus
Tobias Fors is one of the owners of the Swedish software development consultancy Citerus. By combining his experiences from working in different roles in software development with a dose of common sense and some tricks of the trade, he helps other people succeed in software development.
Seminar: Am I Agile Now?
Level: Intermediate
Agile methods are small, disciplined and relatively easy to get started with. However, many find it hard to tell if their adopion of agile is really on the right track, and are unsure of how things are supposed to change with the introduction of agile methods. In this session, Tobias Fors presents a simple model for understanding the core of agile methods: the idea of the learning organization, and may even give some hands-on advice on how you can improve your success with agile methods. This session is intended for anyone interested in agile software development, and who is involved in software development initiatives: managers, project managers, and development team members.


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