Tom Stenström
Speaker: Tom Stenström, Oracle
Tom Stenström has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry working as a consultant, software developer, teacher, product-specialist, support technician and in various other roles. He has worked with a number of technologies and products as a developer, programmer, and architect. His interest has always been on new and emerging technologies and how they affect the way we look at systems and the way we develop them. Today that interest is mainly around SOA, integration and the next generation of the Web.

Today focusing on middleware technologies and development tools at Oracle in Sweden he meets, on a daily basis, companies and organizations both big and small and the challenges they face in an ever-changing world.
Tom has a degree in Computer Science at UppsalaUniversity and is an experienced speaker and presenter from numerous events both national and international since the late 80´ies. 

Seminar: An introduction to BPEL - Taking control of your business processes in a changing world
Level: Introduction
Controlling, managing and developing your business processes is becoming more and more a focused area among corporations and businesses. In an ever changing marketplace the ability to rapid adaption and change can be a big advantage. Not only to describe your process but also to run, manage, monitor and adapt it.

The emerging standard BPEL - Business Process Execution Language - together with technologies like BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) coupled with a Service Oriented Architecture gives developers of modern solutions a new tool-set that can be used to enable the Agile Enterprise.

This presentation gives an introduction to BPEL, what it is, how it can be used in modern systems development. We also look at the overall picture and position BPEL and other emerging standards and technologies that can be deployed in building an architecture for the Agile Enterprise.


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