Davor Crnomat & Björn Hagström
Speakers: Davor Crnomat, Testway AB
Davor Crnomat has long experience in software development and testing. Starting of as a software developer, Davor soon realized the importance of structured testing. This encouraged him initiate a career within testing.Davor has been responsible for test automation of highly complex GUI applications and his automation experience spans from unit testing, tool evaluation, the combined use of high-level automation tools and low-level scripting to load testing.
Davor is a certified ISEB Practitioner.

Björn Hagström, Testway AB

Björn Hagström is currently working as a consultant within software testing. This has given him the opportunity to experience many different testing approaches and project settings. He has had several roles in testing ranging from Tester to Test Manager.
Lately his focus has been on test automation, especially on how to succeed in automation and to avoid the many common pitfalls.
Björn is a certified ISEB Practitioner.

Seminar: How to succeed in Test Automation
Level: Intermediate

Test automation has been the silver bullet in order to increase test efficiency, yet the common opinion is that software test automation efforts fail more often then they succeed. This presentation will address the key success factors as well as the common pitfalls when planning and managing test automation.
Other topics coved are the different types of automation and in which settings they are applicable and in which they are not.
Test automation changes the role of the tester and offers new challenges in terms of methodology and knowledge.

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