Björn Granvik & Adam Skogman
Speaker: Erik Dörnenburg, ThoughtWorks Ltd.
Erik Dörnenburg is a senior developer and technical architect at ThoughtWorks, Inc. where he is helping clients with the design and implementation of large-scale enterprise solutions. Based on his experience with J2EE, Microsoft .NET and other environments, Erik is currently exploring patterns of enterprise software, focusing on SOA. Erik has been an advocate of agile, test-driven, object-oriented development and Open Source software for many years.
Seminar: Automated web testing with Selenium
Level: Intermediate
Selenium is a test tool that allows you to write automated web application tests in many programming languages. The test use any mainstream browser with JavaScript support and can target arbitrary websites.This talk will start with a quick demo of creating automated tests using the Selenium IDE and then show how these tests can be integrated with existing Java, C#, or Ruby test suites. We'll end with a discussion on how to write robust tests, and how to structure tests to make them more reusable.Attendees will gain an understanding of the scope and application of Selenium and will learn about best practices we have discovered when working with Selenium.
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