Hans Schaefer
Speaker: Hans Schaefer, ISTQB
52 years old. Specialist in software testing, ISEB Certified Tester (Foundation Level). ISTQB Certified Tester (Foundation and Advanced Levels) and Chairman of Norwegian Testing Board.

Independent consultant in software testing and testing improvement matters. Guest lectures at several universities in Norway about Quality Assurance and Software Testing. Public and in-house seminars in Software Review and Testing in Scandinavian and European countries. Regularly speaking at conferences. Several best paper awards. (Best presentation award at CONQUEST 2003, best paper in 2004).

Recent customers:
ABB, AOL, ASQF, Jitong railway (China), Kongsberg Maritime, Lucent (Germany), Nokia, Norwegian Television, Norwegian Work Directorate, Norwegian Tax Directorate, Norwegian Police, Saabtech, Siemens, Stryker, Telenor, Visma.

Recent presentations and tutorials:
At ICSTEST, CONQUEST, 3rd World Congress on Software Quality, EuroSTAR conferences.

Seminar: How to do risk based testing
Level: Intermediate

Risk based testing is about prioritizing testing based on product risk. Not everything is tested to the same depth. Risk contains the possible damage of something not working well enough, as well as the probability that this could happen. The presentations show a method I have been using for many years.

To start with, the possible damage can be found by considering the user's point of view about functions and characteristics of the product. It can be classified into categories from "minimal" to "catastrophic". The probability is, in the first run, proportional to the usage frequency. A last step is to estimate the importance of functionality versus nonfunctional characteristics. This rough analysis may be used for the first draft test strategy.

Furthermore, two special applications are shown:
    - How to prioritize a test when nothing is known about the product.
    - What kinds of risks must be considered in the test project, as opposed to the product.

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