Speaker: Poul Staal Vinje
Poul Staal Vinje in an independent consultant dealing with testing, developing and estimating. He has worked with Scrum and XP for the last five years.
He believes in Communication, Simplicity, Feedback and Courage as values that improves quality and productivity, as well as providing a pleasant working day.
Seminar: Agile Testing: The What, How and Who
Level: Intermediate
This speech addresses three topics. First part covers the core elements of Agile Testing, i.e. Test-Driven Development, Acceptance Test-Driven Development, Refactoring, Conversational Test Creation, Exploratory Testing, Bug Hunt, Pair Testing, Continuous Integration, Automated Unit test and Automated Acceptance Test. The second part deals with the context. Working with XP, Scrum and even Agile Testing on otherwise non-Agile projects. Finally the changed role of testers, enjoying Agile Testing, is explored.
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