Jakob Engblom
Tutor: Jakob Engblom, Virutech
Jakob Engblom holds a PhD in computer systems from Uppsala university and is currently Business Development Manager and Application Engineer at Virtutech. He has helped build several large-scale simulation solutions for various Virtutech customers.  He has been speaking about embedded systems at university courses and industry trade shows for the past five years.
Jakob's professional interests include real-time systems, embedded systems, embedded software development, simulation technology, computer architecture, and compiler technology. He has authored more than 20 papers in the field of real-time and embedded systems (see www.engbloms.se/jakob.html). From 2002 to 2005, he held a position as an adjunct professor at the department of Information Technology at Uppsala university.  Prior to joining Virtutech, he was with IAR Systems in Uppsala, Sweden.
Workshop: Using Virtutech Simics to Develop Embedded Software on Simulated Hardware
This workshop will provide a hands-on introduction to full-system simulation, with a focus on how simulated systems are used in software development for embedded systems.  The tool used will be Virtutech Simics, along with some simulated embedded boards based on PowerPC processors.

We will use a preconfigured simulated embedded computing board to get familiar with working with simulated hardware.  We will reconfigure the system and show the effect on the software.  We will set up a simulated network, and connect several simulated boards to each other and to the external network.  New software will be compiled and loaded into the systems, and we will see how the software behavior can be investigated inside the simulator.  Using Simics Hindsight, we will reverse system execution and experiment with reverse debugging.

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