Alex Karasulu
Tutor: Alex Karasulu, Apache
Alex Karasulu is the lead developer of ApacheDS, a 100% Java LDAP server at Apache's Directory Project.  Alex is a member and officer of the ASF as the PMC Chair of the Directory Project.  He is a committer on other
projects: Jakarta, Excalibur, and Felix.  Currently Alex is interested in modernizing LDAP to solve several enterprise integration problems with the right tools.
Workshop: Embed ApacheDS within an application
The Apache Directory Server (ApacheDS) is embeddable within applications and application servers to provide directory and security services out of the box. This session with describe and step through the process required to embed ApacheDS within an application. The configuration of the server for embedded operation as well as the API's will be discussed. If time permits an embedded application will be built and demonstrated during this session.
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