Ruby - the power of dynamic programming

Martin Fowler & Erik Dörnenburg
Tutor: Niclas Nilsson, Activa
Niclas is a software developer consultant, educator and writer with a deep passion for the software development craft. He started working as a developer in 1992 and drawn from experience, he knows that some choices makes significant difference in software development, like languages, tools and processes. This is the reason behind his affection for dynamic languages, test-driven development, code generation and agile processes. Niclas started using Ruby in 2002 and a few years later he began using Ruby on Rails when developing web applications. Blog at http://niclasnilsson.seexternal link, opens in new window.
Workshop: Ruby - the power of dynamic programming
Curious about Ruby? Heard all the buzz about 'the agile language' and want to understand what the difference compared to languages like Java and C# really is? Want to try for yourself?
In this hand-on workshop, you will get to program in Ruby. The language basics and the dynamic parts will be analyzed and explained and you will get the opportunity to  experiment, while having guides at your service.

No previous Ruby experience is expected, but basic knowledge of an object-oriented language is expected.

Disclaimer: After learning a dynamic language, the languages you use on a daily basis may feel a bit constrained and dull. Neither Øredev, nor the presenter can be held responsible if that happens to any of the workshop attendees.

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