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Tutor: James O. Coplien, Nordija
James Coplien is a Senior Agile Coach and System Architect at Nordija A/ S in Copenhagen, Denmark. His critically acclaimed book, "Organizational Patterns of Agile Software Development," co-authored with Neil Harrison, has been called "the first documentation that ever existed on true Agile development" by Mike Beedle. Coplien's early publications on Agile software development inspired SCRUM meetings and were the foundation of many XP practices.  
He is also a Member Emeritus of the Hillside Group, the group that pioneered Software Patterns, author of several books on software design and C++ programming.
James lives near Helsingør, Denmark, with his wife and son.
Workshop: Seven Common Agile Mistakes
Projects that make their first moves to Agile development often suffer from Brook's "second system syndrome" by over-reacting to the problems of traditional development. This may be the reason that even advocates of some Agile techniques openly share that half of their projects fail.

Many projects -- particularly those with a history of using traditional development -- should adopt Agile practices gradually through local adaptation with feedback. In the long term, most projects will find that they can work most optimally with a combination of traditional techniques and techniques consciously designed to provide an "extreme" contrast to the wisdom of software engineering. Successful projects balance 

This tutorial looks at the top seven mistakes that projects make in being overly ambitious in adopting Agile approaches too quickly or in discarding good practices that work. Attendees will learn foundations that will enable them to decide which old practices should be phased out in favor
of Agile practices and to sustain a balanced development program.

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