Tobias Fjälling & Göran Halvarsson
Tutors: Tobias Fjälling, Dotway AB
Tobias, senior consultant, has a long working experience with Microsoft technology and specializes in Internet server-client related areas. He strongly feels that the technology to create rich web clients is here to stay and that web developers should start to use the introduced possibilities. There are several existing AJAX Framework that facilitate the job. Especially, Tobias follows the releases of the Microsoft Atlas Framework with keen interest all since Atlas was initially introduced at Microsoft PDC in September 2005.

Göran Halvarsson, Dotway AB
Göran is a senior consultant and has since 1998 been working with web development in Microsoft environment. Göran works as an architect and developer in business critical applications where AJAX plays a central role. His big passion is to work with AJAX and he means that it gives the web developer great possibilities to do difficult things in an easy way.

Workshop: AJAX and Atlas driven web development
In this code-intensive workshop you will get a good understanding of and introduction to AJAX and Atlas driven web applications. In the first workshop session we start off with some simple walkthrough code to get a feel for some basic features of AJAX technologies such as asynchronous web requests and DOM manipulation. In the next workshop session we move on to more complex functionality, but obtained in a much easier way. This may be accomplished in a short timeframe with the help of an AJAX based Framework in which a lot of functionality practically is given to you. Atlas is Microsoft´s powerful initiative in the AJAX development sphere. Among other things we will look at both programmatic as well as declarative ways of writing Atlas code.

This workshop contains walkthrough material for novice web developers. But seasoned web developers with previous AJAX/Atlas experience may also turn their attention towards the more complex lab material with focus on code analysis rather than copy-paste code.

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