A Process for Developing Embedded Software

Jack Ganssle
Tutor: Jack Ganssle
Jack Ganssle has written over 500 articles and four books about embedded systems, as well as a book about his sailing fiascos. He started developing embedded systems in the early 70s using the 8008. He´s started and sold three electronics companies, including one of the bigger embedded tool businesses. He´s developed or managed over 100 embedded products, from deep-sea navigation gear to the White House security system... and one instrument that analyzed cow poop! He´s currently a member of NASA´s Super Problem Resolution Team, a group formed to advise NASA in the wake of Columbia´s demise. Jack now gives seminars to companies world-wide about better ways to develop embedded systems.
Workshop: A Process for Developing Embedded Software
For all of the talk about technology, there is much too little said about managing the technology and managing the process of bringing an embedded system from concept to production. This tutorial covers managing schedules, dealing with difficult developers, creating and managing project specifications and expectations, creating an environment where developers will thrive, managing bugs to dramatically reduce development time, fixing the feature/schedule/quality conflict, and learning from mistakes and successes.
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