Martin Fowler & Erik Dörnenburg
Tutors: Martin Fowler & Erik Dörnenburg, ThoughtWorks Inc.
Over the last decade Martin Fowler has pioneered many software development techniques in the development of business information systems. He's well known for his work on OO analysis and design, software patterns, Unified Modelling Language, agile software processes (particularly XP) and refactoring.

Erik Dörnenburg is a senior developer and technical architect at ThoughtWorks, Inc. where he is helping clients with the design and implementation of large-scale enterprise solutions. Based on his experience with J2EE, Microsoft .NET and other environments.

Workshop: Test-Driven Development (the shiny new way)
This workshop would build on the time-proven presentation/tutorial I have been given for quite some time and give a thorough introduction into TDD starting from zero existing code. Following one sample application we introduce classic state-based testing, advance to interaction based testing using mock objects, and then explain dependency injection and inversion-of-control containers (Spring or Spring.NET). Attendees would end with a nice catalogue of the most commonly used patterns for writing unit tests.
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