Beijer Electronics
Beijer Electronics HMI Products is a pioneer in connecting people with the processes they control. Our HMI solutions build on 25 years of automation knowledge, yet they handle industrial applications with everyday ease. Used with simple intuition, they set machines, information and ideas in motion.
Keeping the user in focus
Our dedication to creating great user experiences shows in how we develop our solutions. With a strong focus on new technology, we apply advanced development tools in creating innovative and flexible solutions for our customers.

We view hardware and software development as one integrated design process. Throughout the development, decisions are made with the end users in mind. The result is intuitive HMI solutions that provide a great experience for all user groups - from design engineers to factory floor operators.

Award-winning concept
Our dedication has won us the prestigious iF product design award twice, and the 2005 IMS HMI Hardware Vendor of the Year Award with the highest overall ranking, as well as topping the key categories of product reliability, product ease of use and technical support.

Business model
Beijer Electronics HMI Products offers human machine interface (HMI) solutions for use in all sorts of industries. The distribution is managed through subsidiaries and a world-wide network of close relationships with OEMs, distributors and brand label partners.

Product development is carried out entirely under Beijer Electronics´ own management. The production is both proprietary and licensed. Marketing, sales, support and service is carried out at the company headquarters, and through our partners.
The Beijer Electronics group includes the business areas HMI Products and Automation. The latter supplies agency products to the Nordic automation market. Beijer Electronics is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and is based in Malmö ,Sweden. The group has subsidiaries in Norway ,Finland ,Germany ,Taiwanand the United States.
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