Malmö University

Malmö University was founded in 1998. With around 20 000 students, Malmö University has become one of Sweden?s most important seats of learning. In 2005 about 65 study programmes and 240 subject courses are offered. Programmes and courses cover six multidisciplinary areas: School of Technology and Society, School of International Migration and Ethnic Relations, School of Arts and Communication, School of Teacher Education, School of Health and Society and Faculty of Odontology.


The School of Technology and Society
brings together social sciences and technology and offers a wide range of courses and programmes from natural sciences and technology to environmental studies, political science, computer science, gender studies and real estate management.Research at the School of Technology and Society is carried out over a wide spectrum of subject areas such as: Computer Science/Process and Information Technology Chemistry, Gender and Ethnicity in Higher Education, ICT Politics, Environment, Material Science and Applied Mathematics.

Facts School of Technology and Society
• 200 staff
• 5000 students
• 100 subject courses
• 19 programme's
• 70 postdoc's

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