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We Understand Your Expectations

At Quest, we know the high expectations an organization can put on IT. Like many organizations, you have made significant investments with software providers, such as Microsoft, Oracle and IBM to meet those demands. And you could get by with the out-of-the-box management capabilities these vendors provide. But given the expectations your organization has, is getting by enough? We don't think so.

We Deliver Solutions that Help You Get More

Quest Software believes you can get more. More performance. More productivity. More reliability. More availability. More value. That's why we develop innovative products that help you get more from your applications, databases and Windows infrastructure. For your applications, we deliver, manage and control complex application environments - from end user to database. For your databases, we improve performance, availability and manageability from design through production. And, we deliver comprehensive management, migration and integration capabilities to simplify, automate and secure your infrastructure. Through a deep expertise in IT operations and a continued focus on what works best, Quest helps you meet higher expectations for enterprise IT. With Quest Software, you can get more.

Why Customers Select Quest
More than 18,000 customers worldwide have selected Quest to help them get more. Why? Because we are passionate about three things: our product innovation; our deep IT expertise; and our continued focus on what our customers need most.
Innovative Products Quest works closely with strategic software providers to discover new ways to improve upon their native management capabilities. And, we invest heavily to develop and deliver products that take thousands of IT administrators and managers beyond what they knew to be possible.
Deep IT Expertise Quest has a long-standing history of employing the industry's leading experts and we build that expertise into our products. From research and development to ongoing support, you can depend on our deep domain knowledge to address your toughest IT challenges.
Continued Focus Like you, we must constantly adapt to advancements in technology. But even as our markets evolve and expand, we remain committed and focused on improving the value that IT investments can bring to your organization. At Quest, we want to help you get more - every day.
Quest Software

Quest Software
Get more performance and productivity from your applications, databases and Windows infrastructure
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