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About Sun

Nearly a quarter century ago, Sun was founded with one driving vision:
The Network is the Computer. A vision for connecting everyone, no matter where they are, with whatever technology works for people--not the other way around.

Company Profile
An innovative industry leader in servers, storage, software, and services with a 100 ppercent focus on network computing.

Since our inception in 1982, the vision of "The Network is the Computer"
has evolved into the Participation Age. We see everyone and everything
participating on the network.

To create the technologies and fuel the communities that power the
Participation Age.

We engineer solutions for our customers' biggest, most important
problems. We share our solutions to grow communities, increase
participation, and create world-changing new market opportunities. We
will build and run the world's participation infrastructure to make sure
the job is done right.

Whether it's servers or desktops, software or storage, Sun systems offer
a consistent design that's based on over two decades of experience in
network computing. We solve with technology what others solve with people.

What May Surprise You About Sun...

Gained share year over year while IBM, HP and Dell declined.

Surpassed Dell to claim the #3 spot in worldwide Server revenue.

Solaris - open source, free, and lower-priced services than Red Hat.

Industry standard x64 servers - top-performance on Solaris, Linux, Windows and VMWare.

Breakthrough innovations in energy, space and cooling with multi-threaded chip systems priced below Xeon.

Open sourced - Solaris to OpenOffice to UltraSPARC chip design.

Delivered a radical business model shift, with breakthrough economics from the multi-platform Java Enterprise System.

Clear leaders in identity management and business integration (SOA).

The first true utility computing Sun Grid, $1/CPU-hr.

37% of the world´s data is archived on Sun StorageTek.

170 world records for UltraSPARC and x64 systems.

Sun Microsystem
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