Hands-on CQRS using Axon Framework

Key takeaways
  • You will see first-hand how to build a decomposable monolith
  • How easy it is to create an event-driven service
  • Be prepared to rethink how you build software...

In new software projects, we often spend a lot of time on the technical details of the solution. Will we use message queues? JMS, AMQP or Kafka? Hystrix for the communication between components? Deploy on Kubernetes or Mesos?

Yet, these are aspects that do not initially generate the business value. After a few moneths, there is a beautiful technical solution, but we don't know if anyone is interested in the functionality.

In this "no slides, just code" session, you will see hands-on how Axon Framework can be used to focus on the business logic, while building a solution that can be scaled up and out when the need arises. Axon uses DDD and CQRS to focus on the domain and clearly separates this functionality from the infrastructure logic.

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