Leveraging Machine Learning APIs to Write Better Software

Key takeaways
  • You'll walk away inspired to solve problems in your product that you didn't think you had the time or budget to do.
  • You'll take home some smart shortcuts for providing better user experiences.
  • You'll be surprised at how straightforward it is to find and use machine learning API services for your own software solutions.

Learning the ins and outs of machine learning theory and practices can take a lot of time and commitment. Thankfully, there are already smart folks who offer machine learning algorithms pre-trained for your convenience. Deep learning is now only an API call away.

This session will cover ways to consider specific machine learning scenarios for improving and personalising your software product. From sentiment analysis to translation to emotion recognition, there's a lot of potential for better user experiences.

It wouldn't be a machine learning talk without demos, so we'll also cover code examples and working scenarios. The practical real life use cases will get you thinking about the powerful improvements you can make to your product with just a few API calls.

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