Handling Dark Mode on Android and iOS

Key takeaways
  • You will learn why implementing Dark correctly is important for accessibility and usability
  • Understand the design implications of implementing a dark UI
  • Learn specific details about how iOS and Android handle dark mode system-wide, so you can implement these standards in your applications.
  • See how Material Theming makes implementing Dark Mode easy on Android

The new versions of Android and iOS support system-wide Dark Mode. Users will this is supported by the apps they use,, and apps that don't support it will quickly look "out of style". This presentation will highlight some important aspects of implementing application design. Supporting dark mode is not as simple as just switching white to black. There are many important details to implement, to ensure your app is accessible and useable. I will show how I leveraged the Material design system to implement this in a project, and highlight some important learnings from my experience.

Mike Wolfson

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