Developer conference3-6 NovemberMalmö Sweden

Sessions - Øredev 2015


15.40 - 16.20

Bluetooth Beacon Applications and Real World Developer Issues

Level: Intermediate

Bluetooth® technology beacons are big news. 2014 was the year when many organizations ran initial pilot projects and 2015 is forecast to be the year of large beacon deployments to create major new services. In fact, ABI Research predicts we’ll see a 60 million unit market by 2019. That’s a whole lot of beacons.;This session will review fundamental beacon application concepts and issues facing developers in the real world. The AltBeacon beacon advertising data format will be introduced and we’ll explore how to develop an application for Android that works with AltBeacon. Finally, we’ll take a look at how boards such as the Intel Edison can be turned into a beacon for testing purposes.


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