Developer conference3-6 NovemberMalm÷ Sweden

Sessions - Øredev 2015


15.40 - 16.20

Implementing Google’s Material Design UI Guidelines

Level: Advanced

Google recently introduced new documentation and guidelines on how to design beautiful user interfaces called Material Design. Unlike frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap or Foundation, these guidelines are comprehensive enough to ensure they meet multiple scenarios and ensure applications retain their own character and uniqueness.;In this talk, Ben will explore the guidelines and the different ways they can be implemented on both mobile and desktop. Based on his experience of working with the guidelines he will look at real-world examples of how they’ve been utilised correctly along the common mistakes and misunderstandings made. Ben will show research of how users engage with applications built around the guidelines and where improvements could potentially be made. ;At the end of the session, attendees will understand the different aspects of Material Design and how to apply them to their own applications to increase user happiness.


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