Developer conference3-6 NovemberMalmö Sweden

Sessions - Øredev 2015


15.40 - 16.20

Open Source the Right Way

Level: Beginner

You use open source software every day, whether you realize it or not. OSS runs the world, and yet few people have ever contributed. Why? This talk will try to answer that question and give you the motivation and confidence to help out your favorite OSS projects or start one of your own. We'll talk about how to get started, what it takes to run a successful project, strategies for finding OSS development time, and the ultimate benefits to you and your career. Every software developer needs to be an OSS contributor, and I want to help you get there.


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ØREDEV was founded in 2005 by Jayway, a company comprised of and focused on specialists within IT. Øredev inherited this company's vision and philosophy.