Developer conference3-6 NovemberMalmö Sweden

Sessions - Øredev 2015


16.40 - 17.20

Real Conversations in BDD

Level: Beginner

BDD uses examples in conversation to illustrate behaviour, allowing development teams to explore, specify, and test that they're writing software that matters. Most Agile developers are familiar with its scenarios and "Given, When, Then" template... but how easy is it to get started?

In this beginners' session, we look at the language of examples. We'll look at easy ways to get the first scenarios out of business people, what questions to ask, and how we can improve our scenarios, independently of automation, to get a better understanding of what the software should do... or should it?


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ØREDEV was founded in 2005 by Jayway, a company comprised of and focused on specialists within IT. Øredev inherited this company's vision and philosophy.