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16.40 - 17.20

Some Models Are Useful

Level: Intermediate

George Box wrote, “all models are wrong, but some are useful".

Every software test is based on a model, because we can never test everything. We make choices about what to include in a test and what to leave out. Like a model of anything—an airplane, a housing development—a test model is a simplified reduction of the feature, system or business process we are testing.

The test model we employ embodies our strategic choices, and then serves as a conceptual construct within which we make tactical choices. This is true whether or not we are aware that we are employing models. Every test approach is a model—even if we base our test design on user stories. If we’re not consciously modeling, we may not be doing it well.

The presentation will look at how to use and combine common but powerful test modeling techniques. Using examples of visual test strategy models developed for customers, we’ll examine how to develop your own models and present them for stakeholder understanding and buy-in.

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