10 Steps to Continuous Integration, Testing and Delivery

Key takeaways
  • You will learn how to identify bottlenecks in your organization's product delivery life cycle
  • You will discover tools
  • You will be able to start your search for better ways to automate the builds
  • You will have a clear picture of the target state and will be able to guide your organization towards the road to continuous delivery

DevOps is based on continuous delivery and anything that breaks the continuity is a bottleneck. While Agile and DevOps have become common terms in Development and Testing organizations, manual build and deployment processes are still causing problems along with integration and testing. In this session I will share my experiences along with tools and methods that facilitate the bottleneck discovery process while encouraging innovative thinking among team members. Join me to explore ways you can use various techniques to identify, prioritize, and resolve bottlenecks. Learn ways to deal with the most common bottlenecks that cripple development progressŚdata generation, test environment setup, test execution, and results analysis. I will discuss various automation tools and techniques that can help to address process bottlenecks and achieve a true Continuous Integration, Testing and Delivery state.


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