Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability

Key takeaways
  • Learn the real Agile Metrics you should be looking at for better process predictability
  • You will also learn how these metrics can allow you to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your process overall
  • You need very little data and you probably already have all the data you need to get started
  • Walk away with the ability to make better forecasts immediately

“When will it be done?” That is the first question your customers ask you once you start work for them. And it is the only thing they are interested in until you deliver. Whether your process is predictable or not is judged by the accuracy of your answer.Think about how many times you have been asked that question and think how many times you have been wrong. That your answers to that question have been wrong more times than right is not necessarily your fault. You have been taught to collect the wrong metrics, implement the wrong policies, and make the wrong decisions. Until now. This session will introduce how to utilize the basic metrics of flow to more effectively manage the complexity associated with every day software development. In it, you will learn how to use those metrics to drive predictability at all levels of the organization. Your customers demand predictability from you and you demand predictability from your teams. Isn’t it time you started to deliver on your promises?

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