Predictable Agile Delivery - Forecast, Tracking and Reports

Key takeaways
  • Monte Carlo s-curve and forecasting to predict your delivery
  • Benefits with a data driven project management approach
  • Agile reporting and data quality with flow based mindset
  • Short demo Predictable Agile Delivery for Jira

How do you stay loyal to the principal of agile development in an organization having deadlines?

The proposed solution is to use metric driven project management with S-Curve and Monte Carlo tracking and forecasting to always visulize the project landing zone.

Deadlines are the vehicle to deliver value and by ensuring full internal and external visibility the team has the tool to embrace changes and stay loyal to agile.

This session will show you a data driven agile Monte Carlo approach using the cloud solution You will learn more about Monte Carlo simulations and how that can be used in an agile context to drive value. You will exposed to areas such as forecasting, tracking and project simulations both with direct integration from Jira as well as manual input from any issue tracking system.


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