Azure Logic Apps – Cloud-Powered Duct Tape For The Enterprise

Key takeaways
  • What are the key use cases for Azure Logic Apps?
  • How are Logic Apps an improvement over custom integration code?
  • Which Azure and external services can I integrate using Logic Apps?
  • How can I trigger Logic App execution from external events?

The benefits of the services-powered enterprise comes with real integration costs; custom integration code is labor-intensive and error-prone, and legacy integration solutions may not be fully cloud-native. It's with these challenges in mind that Azure Logic Apps was created.

Logic Apps are an Integration-Platform-as-a-Service running on the Azure cloud. It offers visual workflow orchestration and declarative business logic that connects to dozens of cloud- and on-premises services.

In this talk we'll use Azure Logic Apps to build an automated customer service response tool integrating with Twitter, Microsoft Cognitive Services and Machine Learning, Visual Studio Team Services, and Office 365. You'll learn how to create an Azure Logic App from scratch with little or no custom code. You'll also learn how to connect it to several SaaS applications and how to trigger it from external events.

This talk is appropriate for developers with some exposure to cloud and Azure services.

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