Building the world we want, one line of code at a time

Key takeaways
  • Understanding the why – there is a purpose to what we do
  • Understanding the how
  • Understanding what interaction designers can learn from speech therapists
  • Identifying and never forgetting the most important goal of all

We get the world we build and have to build the world we want to live in. With only nineteen true democracies left in the world, technology has a chance to play a vital part as a common platform, a global language, a new common denominator for society and people from all over. At Axis, our approach is to play a vital part in a multicultural society by engaging and empowering the skills and efforts of our three thousand colleagues and ninety thousand partners. Our story is all about creating a culture for good, for tolerance and for innovation – in order to place the developer center stage as the cornerstone of the technically driven next generation society.


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