Cutting the Gordian Knot of Technological Unemployment

Key takeaways
  • Technological unemployment is real.
  • Technological unemployment is not something we should fear.
  • In order to not fear technological unemployment
  • The best way to decouple income from work is with unconditional basic income.

Advances in artificial intelligence present a clear and present danger to societies built around the idea that all members must be gainfully employed in order to survive. The threat posed by technological unemployment is not something that's just years down the road however. It's already here and the effects can be observed all around us. Furthermore, in a sane society, technological advances would not be something to fear, but something to embrace, by benefiting all members of society. In order for this to happen, the productivity gains of technology must be shared universally and unconditionally. For reasons that will be made clear for those listening, the idea of a basic income is not only an effective way to accomplish this critical goal, it's an absolutely necessary idea to implement immediately in nation after nation around the world in order to create a better present and future for all of human civilization.


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