Don't let apps be siloed - linking app experiences across Windows, iOS and Android with Project Rome

Key takeaways
  • You will learn how to keep an app experience flowing across a users' devices
  • You will learn how to PWILO (Pick-up-where-I-left-off) across Windows
  • You will learn how to program continuous experiences by using the power of the Microsoft Activities and Devices Graph

Apps and app experiences are too often siloed to a single device, but everyone today has multiple devices running different operating systems.

Using the power of the Microsoft Graph, you can store activity records in the cloud which can be used to power PWILO Pickup-Where-I-Left-Off experiences whichever device the user picks up. Using the Project Rome SDKs or the Devices Graph REST APIs, you can discover details of the devices the user has, and you can launch websites and apps across devices. You can also easily communicate from an app on one device to another via the cloud, or using proximal networking such as Bluetooth or UDP.

Don't let your apps be siloed - extend experiences across all your users' devices!


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