Finally, JavaScript Is Easy!

Key takeaways
  • Understanding of the JavaScript landscape
  • You will discover how enterprises are solving problems and creating real applications with JavaScript.
  • You'll see AngularJS compared to other solutions
  • You'll learn how to get started with free and open source technologies from Oracle for JavaScript developers.

JavaScript: can it reliably be used in large business applications? Is it usable in the context of enterprise applications to create the frontend of browser-based applications? How are enterprises such as PayPal, Tesco, and Oracle solving these problems?

In this session, you'll be introduced to Kraken.js by PayPal, as well as Oracle JET ( which is Oracle's JavaScript toolkit, including data visualizations, architectures, templates, components, and a range of enterprise solutions, such as modularity, internationalization, and accessibility.

Everything is free and open sourced on GitHub and you'll be shown how to get started with it, via demos and live coding. By the end of the session, you'll be able to leverage free and open source technologies as the basis of your own web and mobile solutions, today!


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