High Performance via Psychological Safety

Key takeaways
  • You'll learn why psychological safety is the key to high performance and what you can do to help foster it within your team and organization.
  • You'll learn ways to handle challenging situations
  • You'll learn about a variety of tools to foster psychological safety in your team or organization.
  • You will have a better understanding of what behaviors decrease psychological safety.

Is your culture dominated by fear, blame and other toxic behaviors? Are people protecting themselves rather than pulling together, obsessing over customers and helping your organization succeed? If so, you may have a lack of psychological safety. When it's present, individuals feel safe being vulnerable, safe taking risks, safe making mistakes and safe handling conflict. Long-term high performance depends on psychological safety. It leads to greater transparency, closer relationships, better collaboration and better outcomes. As leaders, it's our duty to develop, model and foster psychological safety. In this talk, you'll learn skills for growing psychological safety in yourself, your teams and your organization.

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