How do we make code fun and more intuitive?

Key takeaways
  • When having to teach kids you have to think out of the box in order to catch their attention. Fun and easy are main keywords.
  • Just because we grown ups are used to one way of doing things it doesn't mean that it's the way we should be doing them.
  • With a few concepts and some tooling provided my Microsoft
  • We hope we inspire others to take the time to re-think on how they approach software development. The More the Merrier.

This year I became a volunteer at Coding Pirates, a Danish non-profit organization that tries to help kids to understand technology so they can create and not just consume.

There are a few challenges that you are going to meet when you try to teach kids to code. Mostly mathematical/logical concepts but also language based (English keywords).

Scratch, developed by MIT, seems to solve these issues but tends to become boring in the long run. I use to say that coding in Scratch is a bit like reading a "picture book".

We seem to face a challenge when we want to transition the children from reading "picture books" to "read books", as many of the technologies used by us grown ups, aren't that user-friendly as we think they are.

In this talk we will showcase a few tentatives on how to make code fun and more intuitive for children and who knows, maybe also for grown ups. In order to achieve this, we will be using a few of Microsoft Tools & Azure Cloud services.


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